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"Witty, ironic, interesting, fun, powerful are all words I use to describe Marc Verzatt. I've worked with so many people during my thirty plus years in this career and the reason Marc stands out for me is that not only does he have wonderful ideas about characterization and getting that character into your body, but he can verbalize exactly what he wants cleary. This is rare to be honest. Every bit of staging he gives you has a reason and it comes naturally because he makes sure you understand why you're doing it. 


"When we did Rossini's  "Elisabetta, Regina d'Inghilterra" together, I always felt safe, trusted and free to be the artist I am while realizing Marc's vision of the piece. I felt his respect for me, for the music and the character which not only calmed me but gave me confidence at the same time.  I felt he sincerely wanted  to help me bring out this character in the best way possible. Working with Marc is a dream!"


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