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Acting Training and Coaching

International stage director, Mr. Verzatt maintains an active career directing opera, operetta, and musical theater throughout the United States, South America, and Europe.

He has directed productions with the Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Houston Grand Opera, Florida Grand Opera, and the opera companies of Fort Worth, Lake George, Madison, Arizona, Toledo, Atlanta, Kansas City, Baltimore, Idaho, and Mississippi.


In 2006 he was named Outstanding Stage Director of the Year by Classical Singer magazine.

With over 30 years of experience as a teacher and coach for actors and singers, Marc Verzatt's pupils have gone on to have careers in some of the world's top institutions including the Metropolitan Opera, Royal Opera House, Vienna Staatsoper, LA Opera, San Francisco Opera, and numerous regional houses and theaters.

With a unique emphasis on harnessing the power and drama in words and music, Marc strives to foster the sincerity and intention required to begin and maintain a successful performance career.  

Masterclasses happening every week in New York. 

Character Analysis


"Witty, ironic, interesting, fun, powerful are all words I use to describe Marc Verzatt. I've worked with so many people during my thirty plus years in this career and the reason Marc stands out for me is that not only does he have wonderful ideas about characterization and getting that character into your body, but he can verbalize exactly what he wants cleary. This is rare to be honest. Every bit of staging he gives you has a reason and it comes naturally because he makes sure you understand why you're doing it. 


"When we did Rossini's  "Elisabetta, Regina d'Inghilterra" together, I always felt safe, trusted and free to be the artist I am while realizing Marc's vision of the piece. I felt his respect for me, for the music and the character which not only calmed me but gave me confidence at the same time.  I felt he sincerely wanted  to help me bring out this character in the best way possible. Working with Marc is a dream!"

Jennifer Larmore

"Working with Marc is a dream!"

Jessica Schneidermann

"One of my musical mentors and I often discuss the importance of an honest and meaningful performance, and yesterday's class reminded me for the umpteenth time exactly why this is so crucial.  You NEVER FAIL to make us singers bring out the honesty and reality of our situations in a scene, and I am so thankful to be able to experience your genius on a regular basis."

Barrington Lee

So I can finally announce my next engagement!!!!! I will make my musical theater debut as Jud Fry in the ALL BLACK cast of OKLAHOMA! at The Denver Center for the Performing Arts this Fall! I'm so elated!

A special 'THANK YOU' to Marc Verzatt for teaching me how to be present, to always listen, and reminding me of my acting abilities.

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“In this new world of video auditions, artists need to show nuance and clarity of intention in order to communicate through the camera effectively. Every performer knows that an engaged imagination is her most important asset, never more so than under these conditions, and no other teacher can unlock mine like Marc can. With his help over the last few months, I feel ready and primed for my upcoming recording sessions, and am excited to explore a newfound level of artistry.”

Andrea Reichenbach

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