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Work with Marc

Transform your artistic journey with tailored coaching and collaborative classes designed by Marc Verzatt. Delve into the nuances of performance arts under Marc’s expert guidance, whether you're seeking personalized attention or the dynamic energy of group learning.


Group Learning Experience

Join Marc Verzatt's exclusive group classes, held on the second Sunday of every month near Lincoln Center. Dive into the collaborative spirit of the performing arts in an intimate setting, limited to only four participants per session. Each two-hour class is designed to refine your skills, explore new techniques, and experience the synergy of group dynamics. RSVP now — spots are limited and fill quickly.

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In-Person Coaching: Personalized Guidance

Experience the bespoke nature of Marc Verzatt's one-on-one coaching, designed to cater directly to your personal goals and challenges. Marc's in-depth approach ensures that each session is tailored to maximize your potential and propel your performance to new heights.

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Online Coaching: Accessible Excellence

Don't let geography limit your growth. Marc Verzatt's online coaching sessions offer the same personalized attention and expert guidance through a convenient digital platform, enabling you to pursue excellence from anywhere in the world.

Whether through the collective journey of our classes or the focused path of personal coaching, Marc Verzatt is dedicated to guiding you towards achieving your artistic aspirations. Join us to unlock new dimensions of performance and discover the true extent of your capabilities.

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